You do not need to sacrifice sunlight for safety. With GSA's Intruderprufe Glass you can place as much glass into your home knowing your home and family are safe from intruders. Click here for more info

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Fold A Bed | Fold A Bed - The Space Saver Series Ideal for apartments and areas where additional space is needed.

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GSA laminate glass protects furniture and fabrics from sun damage.

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I have been wanting to make a dandelion triptych for ages and a recent experiment using relief paint and aluminium foil to make a picture frame got me to thinking about the perfect idea. My dandelion art is on SupaWood and uses relief paint, which is then covered with Rust-Oleum Universal metallic - titanium silver spray paint. I love it...!

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Opal Satin Standard Face Brick by Corobrik

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An environmentally-friendly green cement with a low carbon footprint. It is suitable for general building and masonry applications.

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La Cucina 3 Steelworkers lighting from Light Shed

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DIY Melted Crayon Art | Making a mess like an over-zealous child can result in great ideas. This melted crayon wall art is perfect example of how to keep your inner child alive without getting scolded by the adult you.

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DIY wall mounted desk

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White linen

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If Santa brought you a Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame for Christmas, chances are you can't wait to start using them. Here's a very crafty way to use your new Dremel tools to create woodburnt art for a feature wall. All you need are a couple of pieces of timber or board, your Dremel VersaTip or VersaFlame and a couple of picture hangers.

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Transform your balcony into extra living space

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Raised herb and vegetable planters customised to fit into your garden.

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Modern style

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Painting by Ndabuko Ntuli leading SA Artis

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Custom design your own glass surfaces with GSA's GraphixArt

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